Virtual Services

We are online!

YouTube Channel 

Find us on YouTube to see videos on past performances and events. We also have a private channel with all of our at-home training videos. 


Patreon is a platform for creators to post content that offers a service. Our Patreon has over 50 videos for both on and off the pole supplemental training!

Virtual Coaching/private lessons

If you have a pole at home or want to learn from home some basics in Pole or anything else we offer you can schedule a virtual private lesson through Zoom. 

Virtual events

Yes it’s possible! We have hosted a few bachelorette parties virtually for the convenience of our clients.  Inquire on our parties page about this option.

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Learn at your pace, on demand and at home!

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Our Recent Videos

Beginner pole flow sequence

Short choreography broken down step-by-step! POLE REQUIRED

Flexibility for pole 

Stretch routine with bands and mat . No pole needed