Our Team

Alexandra Michelle


Alexandra began poling over 5 years ago. After a few classes, she bought her own pole and away she went! Mostly self-taught, she began watching videos and learning from any source she could! Pole has given her a new sense of self and a strong belief in Pole Star Lou Landers’ saying: Pole is good for the soul. Whether she is working on advanced tricks, strength training, doing sexy choreography, or just flowing and freestyling, each and every time she feels her self-expression has been satisfied. She has been instructing for over a year and continues to build her ideas for class offerings and making sure each and every student feels catered to. Classes with Alex will have a range of levels and will focus on different aspects of pole dancing that she loves most. In 2016, Alexandra completed the PFIC Pole 1 course and in 2017, she completed the PFIC Lyra 1 course.