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Schedule a Class

Sessions vs Casuals

At Vertika we offer classes in two different streams, sessions and casuals.  Session based classes run for a set period of time, 6-8 weeks for leveled pole sessions and 4 weeks for specialty sessions.  Sessions run on the same day, at the same time the duration of the session.  Each week builds upon the last and there is a set curriculum for each level. Sessions must be joined by week 2 of the session, there is a set fee for each session, class passed cannot be used towards a session.

Casual classes, or drop-in classes are our no commitment option.  If you have too much going on to commit to a session, or you are new to pole and unsure what your style is yet, casuals are the way to go.  Casual classes do not build upon the skills learned in the last week, each class is independent of the others.  Casual classes can be joined at any time.  Class passes and class drop in fees can be used towards casual classes only.

Sessions FAQ

How do sessions work?

You will sign up for the classes you want to attend, regular leveled sessions will be running for 6-8 weeks. . Specialty workshops will run for 4 weeks. Level I sessions will be 50 minutes long, all other levels and specialty classes will be 70 minutes long. In addition to your sessions classes, each session you sign up for will come with 2 casual class credits as well. These class credits must be used during the session and cannot be rolled over. Unlimited open studio is included in all sessions.

What if I can't make it to all my classes?

You are entitled to 2 make up classes per session, your make up classes can be at another class of the same level (if there is one), or as a casual class. Please let your session instructor know when you will be making up your class and they will schedule you in to the class.

How do I sign up for sessions?

In Mindbody there is a sessions section, add the classes you would like to your cart and check out. Your casual classes will appear on your account during the first week of the session. 

I can't commit to a session, do you have any classes for me?

Yes!  We still offer casual or drop-in classes.  See our casuals schedule for all available drop in classes. 

Ready to sign up for a session? Sign up online:


Our off the pole classes are suitable for beginners, no previous experience required.  These classes are designed to help you build the specific muscles required for pole, no need to keep your gym membership!


A fusion of pole and Pilates! This class is perfect for beginners looking to get familiar with the pole or those looking to combine two loves. Pole-ates combines full body conditioning on the mat with beginner conditioning moves on the pole. This is a great supplemental to your pole classes and a terrific way to get started on the pole.  All levels welcome.

Pole-ates II

Ready to kick it up a notch? Pole-ates II is a low impact, high intensity, pole & pilates fusion class. This class is perfect for experienced students who are building core stability and flexibility. Pole-ates II combines full body conditioning on the mat with intermediate conditioning moves on the pole.  This class is a higher itensity workout, be prepared to sweat!


Want to improve your flexibilty? This class is for you! We will focus on dynamic and active stretching to increase your full body flexibility. All levels welcome.

Our Services

Pole & Specialty Classes

Level I Pole

Our Pole Sport: Level I class builds the foundation needed for all the killer moves! This class  will help build your strength, power and moves to start you on your pole journey. Each week we will build on the experience and techniques learned in the previous weeks. The class focuses on proper hand and body positioning, introduces you to some sexy dance moves and builds your strength and agility. 

Level II Pole

Level II Pole will build on the moved learned in Level I and prepare you to go off the ground. This class focuses on proper hand and body positioning, will build on your repertoire of moves, increasing your knowledge of spins and transitionary moves. Climbing will be taught and inverting prep will begin in this class. Completion of Pole Sport: Level I or instructor approval is required for this class. 

Level III/IV Pole

 Now that you’ve mastered the basics of lifting and spinning in the beginner class, we’ll start to add more technique and including inverting on the pole. This class will focus on the intermediate tricks including more advanced spins, climbs, and transitions as well as aerial conditioning moves and stretches. You will be lifting yourself off the ground for this class. 

Experienced with pole but out of practice? This is a great refresher class for more advanced students as well. Completion of Level II or instructor approval is required for this class. 

Level V/VI Pole

You’ve built up your strength and agility, now this class will take your tricks, spins and transitions to the next level! Level V/VI teaches you twists, intricate spins and aerial tricks, building on the foundations you learned in the previous classes. We emphasize lines and extensions and open up your beautiful pole poses. 

Completion of Level III/IV or instructor approval required for this class. 

Pole Choreography: Level I

This is a specialty class that will help you create a dance vocabulary while in motion. Build combinations of tricks, transitions and dance moves, all while developing a fluid pole dance routine.  Open to Level I & Higher Students.

Pole Choreography: Level II

Continue to build on the dance skills learned in Level I Choreography. This class will incorporate tricks and poses from Level III-VI Pole Sport classes into a routine. Each week will feature a new song and choreography. Open to Level III & Higher Students.

Spin Pole: Level I 

In this class you will learn how to balance and control the spin pole while using it to help you gracefully fly through fluid combinations and transitions that are specifically designed for spin poles. All spin moves done in this level will be done upright, inversions will not be taught.  Completion of Pole Sport: Level I required.

Spin Pole: Level II

Build on the skills you learned in Spin Pole: Level I. Learn how to create beautiful shapes all while managing the spinning element. Inversion techniques on spin will be taught in this level.  Completion of Spin Pole:  Level I and  Pole Sport: Levels I-III required. 

Spin Pole: Level III

Continue mastering your spin pole technique in Spin Pole: Level III! Inverted sequences and power combinations will be taught in this level. Completion of Spin Pole: Level II and Pole Sport: Levels I-IV required. 

Exotic Pole

Exotic pole is a sexy, choreography-based class that takes Beginner dance moves and adds sexy flow. It focuses on low-flow and floorwork, and is great for all levels. If you are not yet comfortable in your high heels this is a great class to learn to love them! High heels and knee pads are strongly recommended.