Vertika Pole Studio

Classes - Sessions or Casuals/Drop in

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Session based classes run for a set period of time, 4-6 weeks on average.  Sessions run on the same day, at the same time the duration of the session.  Each week builds upon the last and there is a set curriculum for each level.

*New sessions coming Feb 2023-March 2023



Casual classes, or drop-in classes are our no commitment option.  If you have too much going on to commit to a session, or you are new to pole and unsure what your style is yet, casuals are the way to go.  Casual classes do not build upon the skills learned in the last week, each class is independent of the others.  Casual classes can be joined at any time. 

Sessions FAQ

How do sessions work?

You will sign up for the classes you want to attend, with the Google doc form sent out via email. Beginner sessions will be 55 minutes long, all other levels and specialty classes will be 70 minutes long. In addition to your sessions classes, each session you sign up for will come with 2 practice hours or 1 casual class credit as well. This class credit must be used during the session and cannot be rolled over. Practice hours are booked by week 3 of the sessions.

What if I can't make it to all my classes?

You are entitled to 1 make up classes per session, your make up classes can be at another class of the same level (if there is one), or as a casual class.

How do I sign up for sessions?

Email me at [email protected] with subject session registration and you will be put on the email list for upcoming sessions booking link.

I can't commit to a session, do you have any classes for me?

Yes!  We still offer casual or drop-in classes.  Sign up online:

Private lessons and Private groups

Private lessons and booking a private group class is an amazing way to take advantage of more intimate learning with the comfort of being with others you know. Private groups can be from 2 to 5 participants those are booked directly through email or on our online scheduler through the link above.

They are a COVID friendly option and give some more flexibility of the time and date of interest. 

Pricing ranges from $30-65 pp