What power is within you? Explore it with this empowering practice!​

Pole as an art has a diverse history in exotic dance clubs, Chinese theatre, Indian culture and more. Today, it is influenced by strong female icons such as JLo, Rihanna and FKA twigs, as well as holding a large online community via Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok. There are regional and national competitions in Canada, and many international competitions and shows across the globe. It is even now considered an official non-Olympic sport- meaning it’s being recognized, in a huge way. At Vertika, we start you on a journey towards owning your body, your dance, and your power! Teaching a variety of movement and fitness based classes, Vertika brings you an interesting and totally different fitness experience. Dive into your inner knowing that you deserve this in all the ways that make you feel good to be in YOUR body. Can I get a YAS!?

My Mission: 

To enhance the experience of the physical with movement practices that serve the divine feminine - through pole, chair, aerial dance and yoga 

This is the process, and it’s for you to fall in love with so deeply! You are powerful,




You are a creature of sensuality, duality and creativity. 

Let’s dance to that!


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