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Vertikal Fit

Our Vertikal Fit classes are suitable for all levels, no previous experience required.  These classes are designed to help you build the specific muscles required for pole, no need to keep your gym membership!

Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole

Ready to see if pole fitness is right for you? Our Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole class is the perfect place to start. This class is open to everyone and is a great opportunity to check out the studio and get a general overview of what pole is all about. The class will help build strength, introduce you to floor-work, basic hand positions and lets you enjoy a little taste of everything pole. You will not lift yourself off the ground for this class. 

Vertikal Fit: Awake AF

Wake up and sweat! This full body, high intensity, pole based, bootcamp will get your day started off right. Each week will focus on a different muscle group in addition to a variety of cardio exercises. Running shoes are required for this class.

Vertikal Fit: Barre

Let Vertika’s poles double as your ballet barre in this intense workout fusing ballet-based exercises with pole technique for total body conditioning.  No ballet experience is required!

Vertikal Fit: Basic B*tch

Start your day off right! This full body, low intensity, pole based, bootcamp will get your day started off right. Each week will focus on a different muscle group in addition to a variety of low impact cardio exercises. This class is designed for beginners. Running shoes are required for this class.

Vertikal Fit: Cardio Twerk

Learn to Twerk in this fast paced class. Work up a serious sweat, groove, isolate and pop your legs and buns into shape. All levels welcome. Running shoes are required for this class.

Vertikal Fit: Circuit

This cardio based class uses the pole and various other pieces of fitness equipment to tone and build stamina.  Participants spend a short amount of time at each station, completing the exercises at their own pace, before moving to the next station.  Running shoes are required for this class. 

Vertikal Fit: Flexibility and Strength

This class helps improve your flexibility and strength so your pole moves are only limited by your imagination. Focusing on lengthening and toning your muscles and improving your flexibility, the class is also perfect for anyone looking for a great place to start their fitness journey! 

Vertikal Fit: Legs & Abs

This super-charged class is a great compliment to any fitness schedule. We will focus on Pilates based techniques to build lean, powerful muscles without adding bulk. A combination of mat-based exercises and standing work is designed to target all areas of your body while incorporating small equipment to intensify your workout. 

Vertikal Fit: Pole-ates

A fusion of pole and Pilates! This class is perfect for beginners looking to get familiar with the pole or those looking to combine two loves. Pole-ates combines full body conditioning on the mat with beginner conditioning moves on the pole. This is a great supplemental to your pole classes and a terrific way to get started on the pole. 

Vertikal Fit: Revved Up

Pole Cardio is a hybrid pole and fitness class. It combines pole moves with cardio fitness conditioning. The class includes basic spins, climbs and conditioning moves along with overall fitness techniques, all while ramping up the cardio and working your heart. This is a great place to start your pole journey and an excellent supplemental cardio and strength class for those participating in Lift & Spin classes. Running shoes are required for this class. 

Vertikal Fit: Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga is a slower pace class, mindfully moving and breathing while holding poses longer. You will explore your edge, yet still feel a relaxed and renewed experience. This class is geared toward beginners or those looking to hold poses longer building muscle strength.

Vertikal Fit: Stretch Sundays

This is the perfect class to compliment your busy work week schedule. Come loosen up in a class focused on flexibility! The class begins with dynamic (moving) stretches to warm up the muscles and ends with static (holding) stretches to release tension and lengthen tight muscles.

Vertikal Fit: Vinyasa Yoga

In Vinyasa Yoga, postures flow in a logical sequence. Each position complements those that precede and follow. This practice focuses on the synchronization of breath & the continuous flow of movement. Vinyasa is a strong practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus

Our Services

Pole & Specialty Classes

Lift & Spin: Beginner I

Our Lift & Spin: Beginner I Pole builds the foundation needed for all the killer moves! This class is offered as a drop in and will help build your strength, power and moves to start you on your pole journey. Each week we will build on the experience and techniques learned in the previous weeks. The class focuses on proper hand and body positioning, introduces you to some sexy dance moves and builds your strength and agility.

Lift & Spin: Beginner II Pole

Beginner II Pole will build on the moved learned in Beginner I and prepare you to go off the ground. This class focuses on proper hand and body positioning, will build on your repertoire of moves, increasing your knowledge of spins and transitionary moves. Climbing will be taught and inverting prep will begin in this class. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner Pole or instructor approval is required for this class. 

Lift & Invert: Intermediate I/II Pole

 Now that you’ve mastered the basics of lifting and spinning in the beginner class, we’ll start to add more technique and including inverting on the pole. This class will focus on the intermediate tricks including more advanced spins, climbs, and transitions as well as aerial conditioning moves and stretches. You will be lifting yourself off the ground for this class. This class is offered as a drop in, however each week will build on moves learned previously.

Experienced with pole but out of practice? This is a great refresher class for more advanced students as well. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner II Pole or instructor approval is required for this class. 

Lift, Twist & Twirl: Advanced Pole 

You’ve built up your strength and agility, now this class will take your tricks, spins and transitions to the next level! Lift, Twist & Twirl teaches you twists, intricate spins, leg hangs, climbing variations and aerial tricks, building on the foundations you learned in the previous classes. We emphasize lines and extensions and open up your beautiful pole poses. This class runs as a drop in class. Completion of Lift & Invert: Intermediate II Pole or instructor approval required for this class. 

Pole Choreography 

This is a specialty class that will help you create a dance vocabulary while in motion. Build combinations of tricks, transitions and dance moves, all while developing a fluid pole dance routine. Each week we will build on the previous week and create a dance routine to fun music. Workshops feature a different theme and music each month. Heels are optional. This class is run as a drop in. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner I Pole is required for this class. 

Find your Freestyle

Freestyling is an incredible skill that requires practice just like learning your fireman spin and basic climb on the pole. Learn to listen to your body and how it wants to move and then use the music to help guide you in that movement. It can be fun, silly, empowering and sensual and requires nothing but an open mind and a willingness to try! Creativity is a beautiful thing and we want you to join us on this freestyle journey to elevate your pole experience and truly feel connected to your passion. The first three weeks of the month will be a guided freestyle with different themes and activities picked each week. Open to Beginner I & Higher. 

The last week of the month will be hosted at 8:30 PM as a night dance where music selections will be chosen in advance and the full hour will be a free dance into the night! The Facebook  Vertika Members group is where you will make music suggestions and the instructor will put into a playlist before the night begins.

Own Your Highest Heels

This one is all about those stilettos we absolutely love and cherish in our closet! This is for our desire to have the longest legs and to learn how to strut our stuff without the worry of breaking an ankle.  Have no fear ladies, we have developed this class for you to learn how to own your highest heels and to work them like never before! Warm up and walking exercises will open the class followed by short sequences of heels choreography. No experience with Pole is necessary, all levels welcome. 

Spinderella: Beginner I & Higher Spin Pole 

In this class you will learn how to balance and control the spin pole while using it to help you gracefully fly through fluid combinations and transitions that are specifically designed for spin poles. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner I Pole is required for this class. 

Spinderella: Beginner II & Higher Spin Pole

Build on the skills you learned in the Spinderella: Experienced Beginner Spin Pole class. Learn how to create beautiful shapes all while managing the spinning element. Instructor approval is required to take this class. Completion of Spinderella: Beginner I Spin Pole is required for this class. 

Chair Dance

This class is choreography based, which means a routine will be taught each and every class to popular hits and seasonally appropriate songs. A warm up and workout using the chair will open the class, to help get you ready and familiar with how chair is used in dance.  Open to all levels.