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We offer memberships and packages to suit your needs. Not sure what will work best for you?
Our 2 Week Trial features unlimited classes for 14 days for only $45+hst, allowing you to check out all our classes and determine the best membership option for you.

Express Monthly Membership

8 Classes Per Month


  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment, 30 Days Cancelation Notice Required
  • Open Studio Time Included
  • 5% off Boutique Items
  • 25% Discount on Workshops
  • Class credits expire at the end of each month. Additional Class Credits can be purchased for $10+hst/each

Deluxe Monthly Membership

16 Classes PerMonth


  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment, 30 Days Cancelation Notice Required
  • Open Studio Time Included
  • 10% Off Boutique Items
  • 50% Discount of Workshops
  • Class Credits expire at the end of each month. Additonal Class Credits can be purchased for $10+hst each

All Inclusive Monthly Membership

Unlimited Classes Per Month


  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment, 30 Days Cancelation Notice Required
  • Open Studio Time Included
  • 15% off Boutique Items
  • 10% Off Pleaser Shoe Orders
  • Fitness Workshops and Pole Choreography Sessions Included

Drop In Rates
1 Class Drop In Pole Class - $20+hst
1 Class Drop In Fitness Class - $15+hst
Open Studio Time - $10+hst
1 Hr Private Lesson - $50+hst

Class Packages
Five Class Pass Pole Classes- $80+hst
Ten Class Pass Pole Classes - $150+hst
Ten Class Pass Fitness Classes - $100+hst

Contract Monthly Memberships
Express - $80+hst
Deluxe - $100+hst
All Inclusive - $120+hst
*3 Month Commitment Required

Other Memberships
2 Week Trial Membership - $45+hst
1 Month Membership - $130+hst
3 Month Membership - $330+hst
6 Month Membership - $630+hst
1 Year Membership- $1200+hst

Those with a valid student ID are eligible to receive $10/month off a monthly membership and 10% off regularly priced memberships and class packages

- Although we do accept walk ins, we recommend you reserve your spot in classes ahead of time to insure your participation.
- Vertikal Fit class passes are for use only on specified fitness classes, they cannot be used towards pole classes.
- Missed classes without 4 hours notice of cancellation will be subject to a $5 fine.
- Contract Memberships will be billed monthly on the date of purchase for the length of the contract
- Memberships activate on the date of first use, so you can purchase a membership in advance of visiting the studio.


Vertika offers a variety of pole and fitness classes to help you achieve your fitness goals in a unique and fun way. Fitness classes are open to all levels. Pole classes are typically divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, pro and all-levels.

Fitness-Based Pole Classes
These classes will teach you the way around a pole, how and where to hold it, basic and advanced moves and so much more. All while forming friendships and building strength, agility and self-confidence!

Our fitness-based pole classes are offered as drop in classes and run for 50 minutes each. Want to give pole a try? Join us for Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole. These classes are open to all levels and run weekly. Please see the schedule for dates and times.

O: Open to All Levels
B: Beginner
I: Intermediate
A: Advanced
P: Pro

Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole (O)
Ready to see if pole fitness is right for you? Our Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole class is the perfect place to start. This class is open to everyone and is a great opportunity to check out the studio and get a general overview of what pole is all about. The class will help build strength, introduce you to floor-work, basic hand positions and lets you enjoy a little taste of everything pole. You will not lift yourself off the ground for this class. You can start here or go straight into our Lift & Spin: Beginner Pole.

Lift & Spin: Beginner I Pole (B)
Our Lift & Spin: Beginner I Pole builds the foundation needed for all the killer moves! This class is offered as a drop in and will help build your strength, power and moves to start you on your pole journey. Each week we will build on the experience and techniques learned in the previous weeks. The class focuses on proper hand and body positioning, introduces you to some sexy dance moves and builds your strength and agility

Lift & Spin: Beginner II Pole (B)

Beginner II Pole will build on the moved learned in Beginner I and prepare you to go off the ground. This class focuses on proper hand and body positioning, will build on your repertoire of moves, increasing your knowledge of spins and transitionary moves. Climbing will be taught and inverting prep will begin in this class. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner Pole or instructor approval is required for this class.

Lift & Invert: Intermediate I/II Pole (I)
Now that you’ve mastered the basics of lifting and spinning in the beginner class, we’ll start to add more technique and including inverting on the pole. This class will focus on the intermediate tricks including more advanced spins, climbs, and transitions as well as aerial conditioning moves and stretches. You will be lifting yourself off the ground for this class. This class is offered as a drop in, however each week will build on moves learned previously.

Experienced with pole but out of practice? This is a great refresher class for more advanced students as well. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner II Pole or instructor approval is required for this class.

Lift, Twist & Twirl: Advanced Pole (A)
You’ve built up your strength and agility, now this class will take your tricks, spins and transitions to the next level! Lift, Twist & Twirl teaches you twists, intricate spins, leg hangs, climbing variations and aerial tricks, building on the foundations you learned in the previous classes. We emphasize lines and extensions and open up your beautiful pole poses. This class runs as a drop in class. Completion of Lift & Invert: Intermediate II Pole or instructor approval required for this class.

Lift & Invert: Pro Pole (P)
You’ve developed the strength and agility to twist your body into shapes you never imagined possible! Add to your skills a variety of power moves including aerial inversions, aerial spins, handsprings, drops and other challenging strength and flexibility poses. The tricks, spins and transitions list for this class will constantly change as new tricks are invented and perfected. You’ll also have the chance to create your own variations and combinations at this level. Instructor approval is required for this class. This class is run as a drop in. Completion of Lift, Twist & Twirl: Advanced Pole or instructor approval required for this class.

Choreography-Based Pole Classes
Combine your love of pole with your love of dance. Our Choreography-Based Pole classes teach you choreographed routines with a mix of pole and dance. These classes will help you feel the burn, work up a sweat and get comfortable with your body moving to the beat. All Choreography-Based Pole Classes run drop ins. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner II Pole is required to take all choreography classes. High heels are optional.

Pole Choreography (B)
This is a specialty class that will help you create a dance vocabulary while in motion. Build combinations of tricks, transitions and dance moves, all while developing a fluid pole dance routine. Each week we will build on the previous week and create a dance routine to fun music. Workshops feature a different theme and music each month. Heels are optional. This class is run as a drop in. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner II Pole is required for this class.

Spin Pole Classes
Put a spin on what you’ve learned on stationary poles! In these classes, the poles are flexible and able to move or “spin” with you. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner I Pole is required to take all spin pole classes.

Spinderella: Beginner I and Higher Spin Pole (B)
In this class you will learn how to balance and control the spin pole while using it to help you gracefully fly through fluid combinations and transitions that are specifically designed for spin poles. Completion of Lift & Spin: Beginner I Pole is required for this class.

Spinderella: Beginner II and Higher Spin Pole (I)
Build on the skills you learned in the Spinderella: Experienced Beginner Spin Pole class. Learn how to create beautiful shapes all while managing the spinning element. Instructor approval is required to take this class. Completion of Spinderella: Beginner I Spin Pole is required for this class.

Vertikal Fit Classes
Vertika offers a variety of classes to help improve your pole moves or just work on overall fitness. Join us for one of these fun combination classes! No experience is required.

Vertikal Fit: Revved Up (O)
Pole Cardio is a hybrid pole and fitness class. It combines pole moves with cardio fitness conditioning. The class includes basic spins, climbs and conditioning moves along with overall fitness techniques, all while ramping up the cardio and working your heart. This is a great place to start your pole journey and an excellent supplemental cardio and strength class for those participating in Lift & Spin classes. Running shoes are required for this class.

Vertikal Fit: Flexibility and Strength (O)
This class helps improve your flexibility and strength so your pole moves are only limited by your imagination. Focusing on lengthening and toning your muscles and improving your flexibility, the class is also perfect for anyone looking for a great place to start their fitness journey! A Pilates or yoga mat is required for this class.

Vertikal Fit: Pole-ates (O)
A fusion of pole and Pilates! This class is perfect for beginners looking to get familiar with the pole or those looking to combine two loves. Pole-ates combines full body conditioning on the mat with beginner conditioning moves on the pole. This is a great supplemental to your pole classes and a terrific way to get started on the pole. A Pilates or yoga mat is required for this class.

Vertikal Fit: Legs & Abs (O)
Let Vertika’s poles double as your ballet barre in this intense workout fusing ballet-based exercises with pole technique for total body conditioning. This super-charged class is a great compliment to any fitness schedule. We will focus on Pilates based techniques to build lean, powerful muscles without adding bulk. A combination of mat-based exercises and standing work is designed to target all areas of your body while incorporating small equipment to intensify your workout. No ballet experience is required! A Pilates or Yoga mat is required for this class.

Vertikal Fit: Stretch Sundays (O)
This is the perfect class to compliment your busy work week schedule. Come loosen up in a class focused on flexibility! The class begins with dynamic (moving) stretches to warm up the muscles and ends with static (holding) stretches to release tension and lengthen tight muscles. A Pilates or Yoga mat is required for this class.


I’ve never done pole before, where should I start?
We suggest trying our Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole class. This is a drop in class that teaches basic moves and introduces you to the pole. This class is required to take our other courses and will build the foundation for doing more advanced tricks. The class will focus on the basics such as moving with the pole, hand placement, poses and will offer and introduction to spins. To view class times, please see our weekly schedule.
You can also choose to book a private pole party or private pole lesson with a group of your friends. Pole parties cover all the basics and get you familiar with the pole. See our Pole Parties page for more information about parties and how to book.

I would feel more comfortable in a class with people I know, can I schedule a private class with my friends?
You are always welcome to book a private pole class! Private classes typically include up to four people, so get your friends together and come out to give it a try. See Parties and Private Parties for more details. Please email us if you have any questions about booking a private class.

I haven’t been to the gym in a while, should I start working out before taking a pole class?
No need to hit the gym first! Pole fitness builds strength, endurance, flexibility and technique in every class. It’s a safe, fun and judgement free alternative to the gym.
Vertika also offers fitness classes that can help supplement your pole classes such as Pilates, Flexibility and Strength, and more. For all of our classes, check out our classes section.
What should I wear to class?
For our Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole class and our Lift & Spin: Beginner class, you may wear leggings, but we suggest wearing shorts and a tank top or sports bra for all intermediate and higher classes. You are welcome to bring your favourite pair of heels to all Pole Choreography classes.
All Pilates and supplemental fitness classes using the pole, you may wear leggings, sweaters, leg warmers, or anything you are comfortable working out in. If you have any further questions regarding attire, please feel free to email us!

My schedule is all over the place and I don’t know how often or which classes I can attend. Which payment plan would you suggest?
Class packages are a great alternative to the unlimited membership. You can use them whenever you would like and they are valid for up to 6 months from date of purchase, so you have plenty of time to fit pole into your busy schedule.

How do I know when I’m ready to move to the next level?
We are always here to help you choose the level that’s right for you! If you are brand new to pole, you will start in the Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole class or by booking a private class. Once you have taken a few classes and are feeling more comfortable, you can talk to your instructor about moving to the next level. Your instructors are always available to help you on your fitness journey, so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions. For your safety and the safety of others in the class, we ask that you only attend classes at or below your current skill level.

pole parties

Planning the Ultimate Girls Night Out? Vertika offers 3 party packages to fit your needs. Ready to book? Give us a call or send an email.

About us

Join us for weekly pole & fitness classes, bachelorette parties, girl’s nights and more!

Pole fitness is influenced by burlesque, pin-up and strong female icons. At Vertika, we start you on a journey towards owning your body, your curves and your killer moves! Teaching both fitness-based and choreography-based Pole classes, Vertika brings you an interesting and totally different fitness experience. We believe that ‘poling’ gives you confidence, strength, grace, poise and a killer sense of self, all while tightening and toning every inch! Offering full-body workout classes in pole, as well as other fitness classes such as Pilates and Pole-ates, there’s no stopping you from achieving your goals and having fun in the process.

  • Where do I start?

    Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been poling for years, Vertika offers a class and level for everyone. If you want to get started in a class, our Vertikal Fit: Intro to Pole class is the place to start. This class will cover all the basics to get you started and build on that knowledge each week. This class is open to everyone and is a great opportunity to see what pole is all about. See all of our classes on our class page and checkout our schedule for times. If it’s your first time and you’re a little bit shy, start with a Girl’s Night Out Party. Gather a group of 6 or more girls and have your own private lesion. This is a great option for trying out pole in a fun, friendly and pressure free space while getting acquainted with the studio and some basic moves.


Alexandra began poling over 2 years ago. After a few classes, she bought her own pole and away she went! Mostly self-taught, she began watching videos and learning from any source she could! Pole has given her a new sense of self and a strong belief in Pole Star Lou Landers’ saying: Pole is good for the soul. Whether she is working on advanced tricks, strength training, doing sexy choreography, or just flowing and freestyling, each and every time she feels her self-expression has been satisfied. She has been instructing for over a year and continues to build her ideas for class offerings and making sure each and every student feels catered to. Classes with Alex will have a range of levels and will focus on different aspects of pole dancing that she loves most. In 2016, Alexandra completed the PFIC Pole 1 course.


Caita first tried pole fitness almost three years ago, unable to find pole fitness classes while away at school, she was excited to continue her pole journey upon returning to Windsor. Caita has been dancing since she was a child, studying many different styles of dance. In 2013, she participated in Breathe Pilates and Fitness Studio’s 200hr Pilates Teacher Training and in 2016, Caita completed the PFIC Pole 1 course. She is very excited to see the pole community grow in Windsor and hopes to create a comfortable atmosphere at Vertika for students to thrive in their pole journey.


Rhiannon's love for fitness began with a gym membership at 15. She loved that she could move on her own terms without the competitive aspects of sport and school gym class. She continued to pursue her love of fitness, leading her to complete her CanFit Pro Personal Trainer Certification in 2013 and work as a personal trainer, as well as begin and complete her Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics- Movement Science. Rhiannon's pole dancing journey began in her third year of university, and she loves the sport because it is all about self-expression, building confidence and challenging yourself physically and mentally. Rhiannon is PFIC certified, and currently teaches classes including Intro to Pole, Beginner I, and Stretch Sundays. When she is not pole dancing, she is hula-hooping, helping others with their fitness journeys, and studying to be a NASM certified personal trainer.


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